“We focus on providing meaningful value through the use of technology that will withstand and evolve with changing business needs. Whether that be IT solutions and services, infrastructure insights, or the adoption of AI and Machine Learning solutions, our team stands ready to discover, pursue, and solve the challenges that are meaningful to our customers. We recognize the benefits of P2P collaboration – filling skills gaps to satisfy our customers’ needs and/or helping other firms by leveraging our specialized skills. In the end, by leveraging an ecosystem approach, we will deliver higher value to our customers.”
Phil GodwinPresident & COO

For over 25 years Clear Technologies has been a leading IT reseller and service provider committed to consistently delivering the solution or service that is the best fit for our clients. We work with businesses of all sizes and across many industries to deliver solutions that are secure, highly flexible and adaptable, ensuring you get the most of your technology investments.

Growing up as a VAR we had the opportunity to work closely with our clients and understand their needs. We launched Visual Storage Intelligence (VSI), our storage analytics and reporting SaaS, in 2010 to bridge the gap between complex and costly SRM tools and the inefficiencies of excel spreadsheets. Today VSI is 100% client driven and continues to evolve and provide new insights and efficiencies to our clients year after year.

Looking into the future, we wanted to find new ways to provide our clients with business value by using intelligent and innovative technologies. From that came Clear Intelligence. With a business-first approach, Clear Intelligence is focused Machine Learning visual inspection for the industrial sector.

Success to us is providing meaningful service that positively impacts the business. We stand ready to discover, pursue, and solve the challenges that are meaningful to you. That’s the Clear Technologies way.

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