“eSSENTIAL Accessibility makes the digital world accessible. Digital accessibility is a concept that has entered the digital business world with tremendous velocity and ferocity. The consequences of not offering accessible experiences are costly and brand‐debilitating. The volume of lawsuits and demand letters has increased at an astounding pace—and is only accelerating. Being diverse and inclusive are no longer buzzwords but instead they’re business edicts. Our platform helps companies create the most inclusive digital experiences on the planet. As a member of P2P Global, we look forward to connect with new partners and establishing new relationships to drive value for all.”
Eric FeinbergChief Growth Officer

eSSENTIAL Accessibility is a comprehensive Accessibility as a Service platform. We evaluate for digital accessibility compliance and mitigate legal risk – helping to eliminate barriers and project a disability-friendly image. We help organizations create inclusive web, mobile, and product experiences through automated accessibility testing, evaluation and remediation. We also offer an assistive technology application, a powerful suite of keyboard, mouse and touch replacement tools. Organizations can then enhance the digital experience for all people, comply with regulatory and statutory accessibility standards, and be inclusive.

Delivering fully accessible experiences requires consideration and clarity of mission.You do not have to do this alone, nor should you. You use outside counsel when expertise in a particular arena is required. This is no different. There is a lot of context and nuance and depth to accessibility that is risky and costly to attempt to solve solely in‑house. Our access to expert legal counsel helps you develop policies and plans that provide for ongoing improvement and compliance to help in responding to complaints. We expertly author accessibility and conformance statements as our credentialed team validates your sites, app, and products.

If you are engaged with an accessibility issue presently, or you want to get ahead of accessibility concerns, we can help. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Accessibility as a Service is a new approach to solve digital accessibility compliance concerns.

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