“The Precision IT SaaS based analytic platform helps customers quickly determine the optimal cloud, compute, converged, or hyperconverged infrastructure for their workloads and applications, reducing software licensing and infrastructure TCO up to 60%. The platform also provides predictive software licensing and support cost analytics, presenting customers with unique insight to optimize their licensed software assets for Software Asset Management (SAM) initiatives. Many times, our customers have projects that extend beyond our offering – where we can help them find the needed skill. In addition, we look forward to establishing new channel sales for our offering through partnerships with P2P Global members.”
Haydn HirstineCEO

As a SaaS based software company, Precision IT helps clients determine the optimal cloud, hybrid, and/or On-Premise infrastructure solution for their workloads & applications.

Below is an overview on how we help our clients.

  • Reduce Infrastructure and Licensed Software TCO – The platform’s Cloud modeling, Software/Hardware libraries, and financial analytic engine provide insights needed to reduce infrastructure and licensed software TCO up to 60%.
  • Increase Time-to-value – Develop automated capacity planning, infrastructure consolidation, cloud mapping, and ROI analyses in minutes, not days or weeks.
  • Get Insight that Matters – Precision IT’s Compute Performance Metric (CPM) relative performance values provide an independent way to compare the cost and performance capability of systems side-by-side.
  • Make Objective Decisions – Provide objective and repeatable results with proven sizing and evaluation methodology.
  • Accelerate Return on Investment (ROI) – Precision IT’s clients routinely achieve ROI in excess of 500% from their investment in the Precision IT SaaS solution.

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