Saguna Consulting

“The innovative current of digital transformation is strong and we are in it together. We help our clients embrace change in a meaningful manner every step of the way. At Saguna, we understand it is critical to have strong B2B service provider partnerships to successfully cover our customer IT requirements in its entirety.  By building trusting relationships with other product and service providers, we are able to reduce the time to market for our customers and strengthen our business offering.”

Venkatesh Sankaran

Saguna Consulting is a company of builders, visionaries and strategists that help businesses anticipate, capture, and accelerate their digital transformation. We stand at the Intersection of cutting-edge technology and commitment to an enhanced customer experience. We are people and we like people. Digital expertise and an exceptional customer experience are the cornerstone of our business. Our commitment is to deliver a service or a solution in an enjoyable environment.

We endeavor to deliver high quality consulting services for digital transformation at costs that appeal to start ups as well as Fortune 500 companies. Saguna believes that one size doesn’t fit all. We strategize and build our solutions to fit our customer’s unique needs and understand the importance of engaging with other customer-centric service partners as an extension of our team.  P2P Global allows us to do this through a vetted, high-quality platform that allows us to keep our focus on our customer needs with the confidence that we are providing best-in-class professional services that include cloud, mobile, custom web application development, QA and Testing as Service.

We know our success is built on the knowledge that we cannot specialize in all things, but through our expertise in partnering with the best solutions providers in the industry; we are always the best choice for our customers.

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