“Our vision is to drive the Life Science industry forward with innovative software Quality and Compliance practices. By leveraging our proprietary solutions and industry expertise, we offer our clients the ability to achieve high levels of efficiency as they develop, configure, test and deploy software in the face of regulatory compliance requirements. To help address complete solutions for our customers, we look to partner with technology solution providers that can fill any skill gaps. At the same time, we will leverage the P2P platform to connect with other partners that need help with their Life Science clients”
Eric ToburenCo-Founder and CRO

Tx3 is an IT solution provider that enables companies to deploy effective DevOps strategies in a regulated environment by providing solutions and processes that support rapid deployment of applications in a compliant fasion. At the core of all this, our flagship solution, Tx3 VERA, integrates across a number of core DevOps oriented SDLC tools. With VERA, clients are able to adopt a Data Driven Validation approach, replacing traditionall Waterfall / document-centric processes which limit the ability to share data across the DevOps landscape and drastically reduce the efficacy and functionality offered by modern SDLC solutions.

Providing a single user interface across a number of solutions, Tx3 VERA acts as the compliance hub, managing the review and approval, electronic signatures, traceability, governance and audit history of an organization’s regulated testing assets. This now opens the door for clients to take advantage of leading technologies while employing a much more nimble and dynamic approach of appeasing regulatory compliance requirements.

As experts in a wide range of DevOps tools, Tx3 is also able to provide clients with implementation assistance, Testing Centers of Excellence, development of Best Practices, SOPs around Test Management, Functional Test Automation, Performance Testing, Requirements development and the transition from Waterfall to Agile.

With a reputation of having unparalled industry expertise with highly technical resources, we are able to quickly assess and understand our clients challenges and guide them to cost effective, positive outcomes for their business. Now through P2P Global, we are able to extend this expertise to an extended network of P2P customers through strategic partnerships. We welcome the opportunity to provide our industry expertise and innovative solutions to your team, and look forward to forging new relationships to drive mutually beneficial business growth.

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