John Guido | October 28, 2021

How Tech Integrations Improve EfficiencyFinding the right technology solutions can boost many aspects of your business. Improving efficiency is most often the reason for finding a new tech integration, but it’s important to be considering the actual implications of introducing new innovative technology.

Think about what inefficiencies at present exist within your business or what you want a new tech integration to improve on. There could only be minor issues, but discovering and evaluating the impact of them could be the key to improving efficiency. You should also be assessing what current tech systems might have run their course. They could be a bottleneck and hinder efficiency.

The most effective solution for your needs depends upon what industry you are in and what you desire to improve upon. This can be a challenge, at P2P Global we understand this and have designed a platform that connects all types of IT solution providers. The company profiles on the platform display the specialized skills and niche offerings from all technology areas. But how can these offerings of tech integrations improve efficiency for you and your business?

Data Integrity

Integrated systems offer many options to improve how data is accessed and distributed within your company. It can make it easier for employees to access the relevant data, and more importantly it can provide a convenient way to apply restrictions on how it is distributed. Certain teams only need access to specific data sets, and integrated systems can support teams by helping display only what they need.

Most if not all business decisions are data driven decisions. Ensuring you have a system that provides up to date data across the company is crucial, it can help faster decision making and raises the competitive edge. Being able to make decisions based on accurate data hours, days or even weeks ahead can improve efficiency massively. 

Creating a centralized data warehouse, CRM, or other internal data tool can be a big project, and choosing the right partner who understands your needs, timeline, and budget can feel like a huge task, but using partner ecosystems like P2P Global means they do a lot of the leg work for you to qualify a pool of expert partners to choose from.


This is affected by data integrity too. Being able to access the data required instantly and knowing it has been up to date and correct is invaluable to productivity. Tech integrations make data more organized, making it easier for teams or individuals to view only the information they need. No need to have to sift through data sheets of irrelevant numbers or charts anymore.

Availability and accessibility propel productivity to new heights. Therefore, employees waste no time waiting on data. There is less chance for human error and everyone is sharing the data from the same point whether that be a database or otherwise.

Documents don’t need to be copied multiple times either. They can be shared and edited by those with permission, and have one localized point of access. This sort of data localization increases productivity immensely, with different time zones and many working from home now there is no waiting around for anything again. Work can be done when it needs to and not deferred.


Data localization means there has to be increased collaboration amongst employees. Many businesses find that their data needs to be available on a global scale. Staff from various teams, office locations and even their homes need to be kept up to date with how operations are running.

With many companies moving to hybrid work from home and office models, communication software is key to ensuring seamless collaboration between teams. Tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and others easily integrate with most email platforms, CRMs, and other critical tools to help streamline notifications, tasks, meetings, and assignments to help your team stay on track.¹

Being able to align work with each other wherever and whenever improves efficiency amongst all. Communicating decisions with the correct tech integration reduces miscommunication and the stress from waiting on replies about decisions.

Analysis and Performance Tracking

Analysis and performance tracking are necessary for improving efficiency and meaningful  business decisions. Being able to collect and collate all relevant information about many aspects of your business is vital for understanding and then improving your bottom line.

Capturing this data and presenting it in a simple form can bring about some intriguing insights. You are able to see how efficient internal operations are, you can address technological issues or internal obstacles that might be a cause of inefficiency.

Performance tracking can help assess if targets are being set too high, causing other aspects of the business to suffer from not being addressed. There are key points that could arise from implementing the correct tech integration to assist in improving efficiency and understanding how your business is performing, and discovering what those are could be key to propelling your company forward.

Getting all of your data in one location accurately, cleanly, and trustworthy isn’t a guarantee. Finding the right partner is critical to help you build a solution that meets your needs, is scalable, and will be adopted by the broader team.

Improve Efficiency

It requires thoughtful consideration to solve complex and specific issues in any industry. Internal efficiency is a leading focus point for business improvement, as it affects so many aspects like revenue, employee happiness and even how data is handled.

To increase productivity and efficiency, use a platform that hosts best-in-class IT skill providers.  When you choose P2P Global you can submit opportunities and be matched with profiles that highlight the specialized capabilities, unique skills and niche bespoke service offerings of companies. P2P’s goal is to bridge the skill gap in the IT space with ease.

Our platform is designed to represent all types of IT solution providers, so you can connect directly to the people you need to. Become an opportunity creator, responder, or both! Offer your skills to others and advertise for what you need. Build a network and tailor it to your requirements. 

Everyone on our platform is a professional in their field. Part of our process is to curate candidates for your needs. Our own platform improves efficiency for you. We select the best responders and provide a set of ranked candidates. You can then select and instantly connect all in one place, creating an efficient process to hire and begin working on your projects faster.

At P2P Global we strive to provide the best and most efficient way to connect with the right tech integration solutions and skilled professionals for your project. 


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