P2P Global + Arrow ECS Partnership

P2P Global + Arrow ECS Partnership2021-09-17T15:46:50+00:00

Leverage an Open Ecosystem to Facilitate Your P2P Partnerships

What is P2P Global?

P2P Global is an open ecosystem that creates a collaboration marketplace for diverse technology solution providers. P2P was created to fill skill gaps for IT projects — as no one-solution provider can do all things. It is a skill-based platform that allows members to create opportunities, identify skill gaps, and set match criteria that will automatically curate others to respond – allowing you to select from a pool of top skilled candidates for potential P2P engagements.

About Our Partnership

Arrow has partnered with P2P Global to offer a special membership to their channel partners. We encourage you to consider joining the P2P Global platform, as timing has never been better to join an open ecosystem of IT skill providers. With this partnership, P2P is offering Arrow partners the opportunity to join at an Entry Level price with the benefits of the Enterprise Level – a savings of $12,000 per year! You can also join for free and upgrade at any time.

“Teaming with P2P Global represents the future of the open ecosystem. This platform allows our partners to tap into a marketplace where they can find resources to expand into new IT offerings and offer services to other P2P members looking to supplement their capabilities.”

– Mark Taylor, president of Arrow Electronics’ enterprise computing solutions business for North America.

Select “Enterprise Yearly Subscription” and apply the discount code ARROWUNLIMITED to receive this exclusive pricing when you sign up for membership. No price creep – the discount will be applied for all future renewals.


P2P Global Subscriptions are held at a company level.
Once a company is registered, their associated members (employees) do not pay for individual subscription plans – simply join today!


$0 Per MonthNo obligationUp to 5 Members Create Opportunities
Solve for Skill Gaps

$200 Per Monthwhen billed annuallyUp to 5 Members Create Opportunities
Solve for Skill Gaps
Receive Leads
Respond to Opportunities
$400 Per Monthwhen billed annuallyUp to 15 Members Create Opportunities
Solve for Skill Gaps
Receive Leads
Respond to Opportunities
Only $200 Per Month$1,200 Per Monthwhen billed annuallyUnlimited Members Create Opportunities
Solve for Skill Gaps
Receive Leads
Respond to Opportunities

From resellers to consultants to growing cloud service providers, our members have found solutions for their unique challenges.
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Why is Arrow ECS (North America) teaming with P2P Global?2021-09-06T15:09:05+00:00

Teaming with P2P Global represents the future of the open ecosystem. This platform allows partners to tap into a marketplace to identify, expand into new IT offerings, and offer their services to other P2P members looking to supplement their capabilities.

Why consider leveraging the P2P platform for competitive advantage?2021-09-06T15:05:23+00:00

The modern Information Technology landscape has become increasingly complex. Between preventing security threats, managing mobile devices, cloud hosting, selecting the right software platforms and gaining data insights — there’s a lot to do.

Customers relying on a single Solution Provider are now demanding more specialized skills. But no one can be an expert across all of today’s skill categories, and so provider-to-provider — or P2P — partnerships are required to fill skill gaps. P2P collaboration has been a need for Solution Providers, but there hasn’t been a platform to do everything, including Expertise Discovery, Trust and Confidence, Coordination, Speed and Scale.

How do Arrow partners register for P2P and take advantage of the special pricing?2021-09-06T15:06:08+00:00

Arrow partners can use the ‘Register Now’ button above (or the ‘Become a Member’ button on the P2P Global website) and select the ‘Sign Up’ link to request registration to the P2P Global platform.

After you provide the information to register, your request will be promptly reviewed.  Once approved, you will receive an email from P2P allowing you to select a plan and gain access to P2P Global.

You can select either a Free membership, or a Fee plan.  To receive this special pricing, select Enterprise, billed annually, and use the coupon ARROWUNLIMITED.  Your credit card will be billed $2,400 after the 30 day trial period.  Invoices are available on the P2P dashboard (under Admin).  This discount code applies to annual renewals as well.

What is the difference between a “Free Membership” and the “Arrow discounted Enterprise Membership”?2021-09-06T15:05:59+00:00

Under the Free Membership, you may create, but not respond to, opportunities and the P2P platform will curate (find best matches) responding candidates based on your selection criteria. (Note, you can upgrade at any time and use the Arrow discount code.)

Under the discounted Enterprise Yearly Membership, you can create opportunities AND also be curated (matched) to opportunities created by other members. In addition, the Enterprise Membership allows for unlimited members per firm.

As an Opportunity Creator, will my posting be public?2021-09-16T14:57:57+00:00
  • No, the platform does not make opportunities public.
  • Only members that have been curated to respond (matched based on skills) will have access to review the opportunity.
  • Typically, no more than 3-4 members are curated to an opportunity, ensuring only the highest quality firms are able to respond to your opportunity.
  • The P2P platform maintains the Opportunity Creator (member name and company’s name) as anonymous.
  • Only after the Opportunity Creator selects a candidate to work with, and both parties sign the Partnering Agreement, will the company’s name be shared with the selected Opportunity Responder.
  • In addition, the platform does not capture end user client names associated with the opportunity.
How do members create an opportunity and identify a skill gap?2021-09-06T15:05:51+00:00

Members can create an opportunity by clicking the “Post An Opportunity” button next to the search bar. From there, you can fill out the pertinent information for your opportunity including Scope of Work, Screening Questions, Budget, etc.

How are members curated (selected) to respond to other’s opportunities?2021-09-06T15:05:39+00:00

Members are curated based on the opportunity criteria set and their firm’s company profile details. Members also have the option to “favorite” companies and add them to an opportunity, which ensures that their favorite(s) will be included in the list of curated firms. Only curated firms (typically 3-4) will be able to see, and respond to, each opportunity created by member firms.

Want to learn more?2021-09-06T15:06:52+00:00

Visit our How It Works page or watch our video outlining the P2P Global platform. Also, check out our blogs for best practices, industry tips, and platform insights.