“As a boutique business intelligence and analytics consulting firm with a niche focus on data visualization and storytelling, it’s important that we stick to what we are good at. As our skillset involves engaging business leaders from the C-suite go down, we are often presented with other opportunities outside of our capabilities. The P2P Global marketplace, is an excellent way for us to not only find those other skills from trust partners, but also continue to add value to our customers through strategic partnerships. Gone are the days of being limited to just who you know, marketplaces like P2P are the future of partnering.”
Mico YukCEO

BI Brainz is a passionate business intelligence/analytics consulting company that has 10 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, to use data in the form of visualizations to enhance decision making. We specialize in developing visualizations in tools like Power BI, Excel, Tableau, and SAP Analytics.

Our teams have worked autonomously on many major BI/Analytics projects, led teams, and even departments. We strategize, plan, educate, advocate, mentor, coach, and execute on BI/Analytics projects as we combine the skills of a senior data developer with a well-trained UI/UX designer, to help drive the next generation of analytics.

While our services provide their own benefits, we used our insights to develop a 3-part system, called the BI/Analytics DataStorytelling Framework which is proven to reduce the time and money it takes to get get users on board and adopt their solutions. You can access it via our online course, live trainings, or you can collaborate with us to accelerate your internal adoption.

P2P Global is an IT industry disruptor – breaking through the traditional barriers to healthy partnering to help the P2P member deliver fuller solutions.

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