“At CBI, cybersecurity isn’t just something we do—it’s all we do. And we demonstrate our commitment to helping clients shoulder the responsibility of protecting their businesses from daily cyber threats each and every day. It’s our tenacious attitude, unwavering focus and partnerships with organizations like the P2P Global Marketplace that give us our competitive advantage. The P2P Global Marketplace aligns CBI with specialized resources and supports the formation of strategic relationships.”
Julie SpillerVP Business Development and Community Relations

Our SaaS based products are used by leaders in HR, Sales, Channel management and brand marketing, across 700+ global companies, to engage their teams and consumers.

Empuls, Compass, and Plum – are plug-n-play, highly scalable, easy to use, and help achieve tangible business outcomes.

For nearly three decades, our customers have come to rely on CBI as their trusted advisor to meet their unique needs with solutions from the best professionals in the industry. We are a privately owned, services-led team of individuals that are obsessed with cybersecurity and making this world a safer place for everyone.

Comprised of strategists, former CISOs & security experts, we eagerly spend our time and energy identifying and stopping would-be threats before they crop up on our clients’ radars. It‘s with this team of experts that we are able to deliver on our promise — to help defend and secure your network and endpoints; test and monitor areas of operational risk; and protect your data.

As a community-minded company, we strive to protect those around us from domestic and international cyber threats, while giving back as much as we can at every opportunity. It’s why we formed DART, our Detroit-based non-profit organization that strives to fill the operational “gaps” in the local charity community.

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