“For us, it is about speed of execution and scale. When we have a skill gap challenge, our customers expect us to solve it. At the same time, we support clients globally and offer sophisticated managed services, so we have a lot to offer other partners and want to form new alliances”
Karl KleinertCEO

IntelliNet Corporation is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) specializing in Cloud, Infrastructure, Service Desk, Monitoring, and Professional services. Our Service Desk and Operations Center run 24x7x365 delivering system availability, asset performance, call management, incident tracking, escalation, and remediation on secured platforms to our clients around the globe.

IntelliNet is constantly challenged by our clients to deliver world class solutions on a scale and at a price that fits their industry and their business. One of the ways we provide comprehensive solutions is through our Strategic Partnership Program (SPP) that we’ve developed over the years. While it has worked well for us historically, it’s a time consuming, manual process every time we create a new one and it doesn’t really address issues of scale or geographic reach. We tend to play in our backyard with our local ecosystems.

We will leverage the platform by taking advantage of being both an opportunity creator and opportunity responder. As an opportunity creator, we are most interested in complementary skills such as application development and security to fill our gaps. At the same time, we have the bandwidth to offer our specialized offerings to other solution providers in support of addressing their customers’ needs.

Why we like P2P Global so much is that it gives us an expanded playground to not only address our client’s requirements but to also offer our own unique skills and offerings more broadly to the market. It takes the promise of vendor specific marketplaces and delivers it agnostically across the platform, focused on solutions and skills, not just vendor authorizations.

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