“In my experience, our customers will always think of us as their IT advisor. The challenge arises when a client needs a specific skill set, which is not a part of our core business. It has always been my believe that we should focus on our core business and identify the partner with the specific skill needed. The P2P Global marketplace will provide a trusted ecosystem, in which partners can identify skills and develop a relationship built on trust. In addition based on our Canada operations, we look forward to partnering and solving cross-border support challenges.”
Ruben DiazDirector of Sales

NeoLore Networks Inc. is an IT Managed Service Provider and a Managed Security Service Provider headquartered in Canada, with a location in the US. We provide proactive IT support for our clients, primarily through the use of state-of-the-art monitoring systems and personalized attention from our highly experienced technical staff. NeoLore has been providing IT support for 20 years. Our focus is to manage our clients IT proactively, so they can focus on their business. We make IT easier for our clients, the way IT is supposed to be!

P2P Global is an ecosystem where we can find skill sets not in our core business, which will provide an opportunity to deliver a broader portfolio to our clients. NeoLore also is excited to bring our capabilities to this community. Given our Canada operations, we are well positioned to help US-based solution providers with their customer projects that may have cross boarder support requirements.

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