“The complex nature of today’s IT solution stack means that it is almost impossible to be all things to all people. To stay relevant, we must build and maintain an ecosystem of companies that we can trust and with whom we can engage with on demand.”
Vince DeRoseCEO

PEAK Resources is a technology and systems integrator focused on the modern Data Center, remote connectivity, and cyber security. We are experienced technologists who help clients align business drivers and requirements to the right solutions and services.

We have deep knowledge of the contemporary data center landscape including: traditional (on-prem), cloud, hybrid, converged, and hyperconverged architectures. We combine this with a diverse set of core offerings that include architecture, integration, implementation, management, and just-in-time logistics.

To meet complex customer demands that go beyond the scope of our technical core competencies, we have always maintained an ecosystem of best-in-class solution and service providers. If we can’t address our clients’ needs organically, we want to act as the gateway to a broader set of solutions and services delivered through an ecosystem and micro-ecosystem partnerships.

Today we expend a great deal of resources finding, vetting and engaging partners that compliment what we do. We see P2P Global as a way to “short circuit” this time-consuming process, by providing us a platform where we can post specific skills that we might need that can be viewed by a curated set of member-respondents with the capabilities to fulfill our needs.

Alternatively, we can respond to opportunities posted by other members when we have capabilities that may be in demand.We also see P2P as a platform for growing our business. We see it as a platform that allows us to expand our technical reach in areas where we might previously have not engaged.

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