“Our #1 goal as a professional service provider, is to offer technology solutions to our customers and serve as their advisor in a world where technology is ever-changing. At Pinnacle, we believe in strong B2B service provider partnerships as the surest way to successfully cover our customer in all gamut’s of IT. By building trusting relationships with other service providers, we are able to complement our skill set and strengthen our business offering.”
Brandy SemoreSenior Director, Professional Services Engagement

Pinnacle offers custom business technology services for organizations throughout the central U.S. that prefer or require a more consultative relationship.

The small details are a big deal to us. We’re diligent and spend the necessary time considering every factor to get things right. We’re conscientious about bringing the best solution available to our customers, with no hidden agenda.

By being mindful in our approach; Pinnacle’s clients enjoy a higher-quality result out of a solution that is custom-crafted from a broader variety of options to address their specific business challenge.

Pinnacle has steadfast determination of engaging with other customer-centric service partners as an extension of our team. P2P Global allows us to do this through a vetted, high-quality platform that allows us to keep our focus on the customer need with the confidence that we are providing best-in-class professional services that include consultation, architecture, implementation and project management.
We know our success is built on the knowledge that we cannot specialize in all things, but through our expertise in partnering with the best providers in the industry; we are always the best choice for our customers.

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