“Analytics is what we do, and Analytics informs how we do it! The goal is less friction, lower costs and better outcomes for customers, partners and employees. Success depends on people and processes as well as technology which is why our culture is built on trust and collaboration. The P2P Global marketplace enables us to extend our reach in service of our customers while staying consistent with our core values.”
Cathy JirakPrincipal and COO

QueBIT is an analytics consulting firm that helps companies in all industries effect digital transformation in the areas of Planning and Analysis. Every company needs to plan, and every company needs to understand what is happening in their business in order to survive, compete and thrive. Business is dynamic so it can be a struggle to get all the data together quickly and accurately. Often the data are dispersed across multiple disjointed systems, data centers (traditional, cloud, hybrid etc.) and even in departmental spreadsheets.

Dealing with data velocity, accuracy and management is just the first step: businesses today need to strive for agility. Data becomes valuable when it is made available in a timely fashion to the people who need it, in a form they can readily consume. This is where reports, dashboards and self-service analytics come into play.

Furthermore, data is the fuel that drives the use of artificial intelligence to improve business forecasting, and to build driver-based planning models that support valuable what-if scenario planning. QueBIT are experts in helping companies achieve business agility, whether it is financial and operational planning or to support supply chain activities. We offer a balanced mix of business knowledge, technology expertise, management consulting and project management skills. We can help a little or a lot with every (and any) stage starting with developing a roadmap, creating a phased iterative implementation plan, delivering a solution, testing and training.

QueBIT sets high standards for itself in terms of responsiveness, accountability and delivery. P2P Global enables us to find trustworthy and reliable partners with complementary skills to collaborate with. Similarly, we look forward to growing our business by bringing our consulting, analytics and data science skills in service of fellow P2P Global members’ customers. We are especially interested in exploring joint solution opportunities: when experts with different perspectives get together to brainstorm, sometimes magic happens!

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